Martial artists from Belarus tested themselves in a race

On August 8, 2020, the traditional race for fighters “Track E95” took place. Every year this event attracts more and more participants. The race has several levels of difficulty, so participants of all ages are allowed to take part.

This year the race was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Gomel Center of Martial Arts and the 25th anniversary of the Gomel Regional Federation of Contact Karate SAKURA. The race 2020 gathered 70 participants from 12 cities of all Belarus regions, 12 cities, men and women, juniors and children.

That was a really difficult, but interesting and worthy experience. It consisted of 18 obstacles by land, water and air, 8 km of cross-country track.

This event was held under the aegis of KYOKUSHIN WORLD UNION. The organizers of the race were the Department of Sports and Tourism of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee, the Belarusian Kyokushinkai Association, the Sports Public Association Gomel Regional Federation of Contact Karate “SAKURA”, the Gomel Center of Martial Arts, the Sports Public Association “Vozrozhdenie”.

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