Martial arts school helps women stand up to daily harassment

With the help of Indonesian students studying in Egypt, over 1 200 women and children are training to enhance their self-defence skills and fitness, reports “Euronews”.

In the heart of Egypt’s capital, a martial arts sport is helping dozens of women stand up to daily harassment.

Influences of Hindu weapons, Nepalese music, Indian grappling styles, Siamese costumes, Arabian weapons and Chinese fighting methods are found in Pencak Silat due to trade, migration and wars.

Pencak is the performance aspect of the discipline, while Silat is the fighting and self-defence version of the sport.

There are many different techniques in Silat but players usually focus on strikes, joint manipulation and throws. In three two-minute round bouts, players earn a point for punches, two points for kicks and three points for takedowns.

Pencak Silat has more than 150 variations of style across the nation and utilizes hand and feet movements. However, its popularity has diminished among Indonesia’s younger population.

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