Max Holloway is focused on ‘building a legacy’, not money fights

Max Holloway wants to be remembered as the GOAT of MMA in the featherweight division.

In today’s MMA, Holloway knows everyone is chasing the big money fights and crossover fights with boxers. Yet, for the champ, he says he is about building a legacy as he knows the money fights will eventually come if he continues to win.

“We’re in a time where everybody’s trying to get big-money fights,” Max Holloway said to Yahoo! Sports. “They’re trying to cut the line in front of so many things. They’re trying to shortcut it. They want that one [big] fight and they’re good. But that’s not sustainable. I’m about building a legacy and living a legacy and letting the ‘Blessed Era’ continue. All these money fights are going to come. It’s going to come. It’s going to happen.

“You have to do your job and keep winning, and that’s what I keep doing. It’s kind of funny because everybody says, ‘Who’s next after this? Who’s next after that?’ I don’t know,” Max Holloway continued. That’s my job, but every two weeks in this sport, we’ve got a new face that’s popping, popping out of nowhere.”

Max Holloway  won the interim belt at UFC 206 with a TKO win over Anthony Pettis. He then fought the legend Jose Aldo and beat him with TKO two consecutive times. The Hawaiian successfully defended his belt against Brian Ortega and Frankie Edgar.

For Max Holloway, the next step in his cementing legacy is by taking out Alexander Volkanovski in the co-main event of UFC 245.


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