Medals from the Wrestling 2012 Olympic Games Tournament to be reallocated

Earlier today, the International Olympic Committee announced the updated list of placements from the 120kg bracket at the ’12 London Olympic Games. The article, which was posted on, laid out the top eight finishers after the removal of Artur TAYMAZOV (UZB) and Davit MODZMANASHVILI (GEO).

The decision was taken during today’s meeting of the International Olympic Committee Executive Board, following the previous disqualification of a number of athletes and the results of their events being adjusted accordingly by the International Federations involved.

The reallocations concern five events in three sports.

See the new rankings for these events below:

Olympic Games London 2012 – Wrestling – Men’s Freestyle 120kg

The following athletes have been disqualified from this event:
– Artur TAYMAZOV (UZB – 1st place, gold medal), by the IOC Disciplinary Commission in the decision dated 17 July 2019.
– Davit MODZMANASHVILI (GEO – 2nd place, silver medal), by the IOC Disciplinary Commission in the decision dated 16 January 2019

Therefore, the new ranking for the athletes placed from first to eighth is as follows:

1. Komeil GHASEMI (IRI)
1. Bilyal MAKHOV (RUS)*
3. Tervel Ivaylov DLAGNEV (USA)
6. Aleksei SHEMAROV (BLR)
7. Taha AKGUL (TUR)
8. Rares Daniel CHINTOAN (ROU)

*Additional Information

The reallocation of the medals, diplomas and medallist pins can be undertaken provided that the athletes concerned are not currently under suspension for an ADRV and/or no anti-doping proceedings are currently initiated against them.

Bilyal MAKHOV (RUS) is currently suspended for an ADRV until 27 January 2024.

No immediate arrangements will  be made to present the gold medal to this athlete before the end of his suspension.

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