Meet The Kudo Athlete Captain Ashley Clews-Jones

Kudo is a mixed martial art created in 1981. In different parts of the world is also known as Daiko Juku.

Captain Ashley Clews-Jones is a General Duties Medical Officer for 3 Medical Regiment. He represented Great Britain at the Kudo World Championships in Japan, reports “”.

“Kudo is something that is going to become more popular with people in the future. That’s mainly because it is a very practical martial art.”

“It’s very realistic but at the same time, it’s got some safety components as well that allow you to practise and also have a nice face on your day job, so to speak. It’s something that I have a great passion to introduce to the military. I think it is something that our fighting men and women will be really drawn with it”, said Cpt. Clews-Jones.

“I think the British Army has fantastic fighting spirit amongst all people in the world really. I think it is a great way to channel that competitive and slightly aggressive energy into something that is actually really productive.”

“It can lead to great things for individuals and also something special for representatives of the British Army.”

“Kudo is a full-contact martial art,” he said.

“It’s quite heavy but at the same time with Karate, most times there are a lot of rules in place. Judo is a fabulous sport in its own right but again, there are lots of limitations. What Kudo seeks is to allow you to use all fighting ranges of combat. It’s the best safety between efficacy and safety in martial arts.”

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