Megan Anderson: Everyone’s invincible until they’re not

Megan Anderson is confident in her chances to pull off an all-time upset against the dominator in women MMA – Amanda Nunes at UFC 259.

No one has been able to solve the riddle that is “The Lioness” in her past 11 fights dating back to 2014.

Anderson is being given the widest betting odds of anyone to face Nunes during her UFC career, but the Aussie thinks she has advantages no other opponent has.

“I feel like I’m the first true featherweight that she’s fought that brings a lot of power,” Nunes told reporters during Thursday’s UFC 259 pre-fight news conference. “I know Felicia (Spencer’s) a featherweight, but I think styles make fights. I think I have a lot of power that I bring to the table, and I don’t think she’s seen that in a very long time.”

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“I think everyone has holes in their game,” Anderson said. “I think you just have to find them. We’ve looked at the tape, and we’ve got a gameplan, so we’re ready to capitalize on those moments when we see them.”

Anderson isn’t ignorant to the fact the public gives her little chance to beat Nunes. Every major upset is unforeseen until it happens, though, and Anderson goes into the fight ready to capitalize on her moment.

“It’s been a long road to get here, but I’m glad that I finally got here,” Anderson said. “I grew a lot as as person, as a martial artist getting to this point. I’m just ready to put on a show. Everyone’s invincible until they’re not.”

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