Mike Tyson reveals only boxer who could take his punch (VIDEO)

Former unified heavyweight champion Mike Tyson will always be regarded as the most unstoppable and ferocious fighter that has ever step inside a ring.

“Iron” Mike was a force between the ropes that very few knew how to deal with it. We’ve all seen the highlights of his fights, finishing opponents for 1-2 rounds, throwing mean body shots and left hooks right in the mouth of his adversary.

He made a living of knockin people out, but aside from Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis and the few heavyweight legends who were able to withstand Tyson ’ s lethal power, there was one boxer in the ’80s who, even Mike believes, was built to with an iron chin.

In an exclusive interview with Ring TV, Tyson named Holyfield as the best overall fighter among all his past opponents. However, based on Tyson’s calculations, it was a boxer named Jose Ribalta who ate his punches and stood in front of him like a man as he unleashed a flurry of his killer combinations.

“I hit Jose Ribalta with everything, and he took everything and kept coming back for more. Jose Ribalta stood toe to toe with me. He was very strong in the clinches,” Tyson revealed.

Despite lauding Ribalta’s chin, Tyson still stopped him in 1986 via TKO.

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