Minsk gets ready for memorable Karate competition

The Karate world is ready for one of the most anticipated events of the season, the 2nd European Games. While the multi-sport event goes into its final days, Minsk is prepared to welcome the best karatekas in Europe. 

All is ready in Chizhovka Arena where the Karate competition of the European Games will take place from June 29 to 30. The best Karate athletes in the continent are in Minsk (Belarus) to clash for the gold medals and to win the points to progress in the Olympic standings.

The Karate competition starts on Saturday 29th with the Kata categories (from 09.00 local time) The tournament continues on Sunday 30th with the rest of the categories from 09:00 local time.

The competition will comprise Kata and Kumite categories with a total of 12 medals being awarded. No less than 96 karatekas from 38 countries will participate in the Karate competition of the European Games. 

HERE you can check out the schedule for the karate tournament in all the weight categories.

Source: www.wkf.net

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