Miyamoto Musashi: A samurai’s rules for great life

For those who are unfamiliar with Miyamoto Musashi, he was one of the greatest warriors of all time, and was famous for his ability to use 2 swords at once. The undefeated Samurai had 20 rules for life that were followed religiously for generations. They are something we can definitely learn from….even if we only pick a few to focus on.

1.  Accept life, as it is.

Life will have its struggles, no matter what. You cannot change the fact, but you can change how you interpret them.

2. Do  Not Chase Pleasure

Appreciate pleasure when it comes along naturally, but if you re constantly chasing it, you cannot be in the present moment.

3. Acting on an impulsive emotion is wrong

Miyamoto Musashi believed following one’s heart was wrong, for decisions that appear from thin air are rarely well thought out. We should know what we want and not act on emotion.

4.  Don’t Be Self-Obsessed

By being absorbed in our own world, we end up missing a lot of the real world.

5. Jealousy Should Have No Place In Your Life

Jealousy can destroy you. Comparing yourselves to others will only bring unhappiness. Be thankful for the things you have.

6. Lower Your Desire

If you are striving for things you do not have, you can’t appreciate the things you do have. Let things come to you.

7. No regrets

We need to learn that the past is something that will not change, and need to learn to accept that. Musashi’s belief was that everything in life happens for a particular reason. We often learn after much suffering that was happened in our past prepared us for our future. We must be patient to learn why.

8. Remove Sad Separations From Your Mind

You cannot move on with your life if you are trying to hold on to people who are gone. You should accept the fact that you cannot bring them with you.

9. Don’t Complain

Endure, but do not complain. It weakens you.  Leave the problems in the past.

10. Don’t Let Lust Control Your Life

We are erotic creatures by nature, but many people spend time being controlled by lust. According to Miyamoto Musashi, we should focus on love and long-term relationships instead of as they are much more constructive in the long run.

11. Keep Your Options Open

Do not become narrow-minded, accept all possible actions as a way to move forward, if we keep our options we are ready to allow better things into our lives.

12. Don’t Be A Slave To Society

Don’t fall into the trap of hoarding possessions to keep up with the next person. When you die it is all left behind and no one will remember you purely for the amount of stuff you had.

13. Don’t be gluttonous

Food is fuel for the body and should be treated as such.

14. Practice minimalism

We don’t need endless amounts of possessions and the newest shiny things to be happy. Practice living with just the basics.

15. Don’t Just Follow The Crowd

Don’t believe everything you are told, we must learn to form our own opinions, and follow our own ideas.

16. Respect the gods, but do not rely solely on their guidance

Make your own path and don’t rely on some unseen force to solve all problems for you.

17. Don’t Fear Death

Live bravely and don’t fear the outcome of every single action. If we constantly fear death, how can we live fully?

18. Only Use Weapons If Really Necessary

Miyamoto Musashi believed that self-defense is a right, but to attack for no reason is a sin.

19. Get Rid Of Unnecessary Possessions And Live In The Here And Now

Live simply, possessions distract from our lives not add to it. If you don’t need it, get rid of it.

20. Protect your honor

Do what you feel is morally correct and try to live your life with as much Integrity as you can.

Source: www.martialtribes.com

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