Muay Thai Fighter vs. YouTube Star (VIDEO)

Not everyday a YouTube star meets an all time great legend! Nong-O is one of the most decorated fighters in Muay Thai history. He is also my favorite striker and in my opinion the #1 orthodox striker still competing today.

This clip was taken in 2016 when Nong-O went into retirement. He became a trainer at the talent stacked EVOLVE MMA. What I find most special about Nong-O is his ability to cover distance with his roundhouses. It’s one of the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in striking.

When ONE Championship’s Muay Thai and Kickboxing came into the scene, Nong-O came out of retirement to dominate all opponents. Sean Fagan was an early pro Muay Thai fighter at the time, having won several amateur titles in the USA. Known as the Muay Thai Guy, he is the #1 influencer on YouTube. While pursuing his fighting dreams (being a world champion), Sean is also an entrepreneur that hosts retreats and runs several websites for all things related to Muay Thai.

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