Nate Diaz wants some credit for UFC success in 2019

2019 was one of the most successful years in UFC history. No one can deny that.  The numbers are there to back it up. 2019 will forever be historic due to the return of the one and only – Nate Diaz.

Nick’s little brother was gone for the past three years, but in 2019 he made an epic comeback and fought two times – one win and one loss (doctor stoppage).

The Stockton native was part of probably the biggest fight in 2019 – the clash against Jorge Masvidal for the “BMF” title in November. The whole combat world was waiting and watching, as the pair didn’t disappoint.

Most of the credit went in Masvidal way and deservedly so. But now Nate wants his share of respect too.

With 2020 already here, UFC will surely want to put Nate in big fights against household names. The good news is he can make both lightweight and welterweight if he wants to and if there’s a matchup he likes, there’s no doubt he’ll be headlining again.

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