Ngannou finishes Velasquez in just 26 seconds (VIDEO)

Francis Ngannou destroyed the two-time former champion Cain Velasquez in Arizona. The main event of “UFC on ESPN” lasted no more than 26 seconds!

The 36-year-old Velasquez (14-3) just returned after 31-month layoff.

“Give it up to Francis. He came in here and did his job,” Velasquez said. “I stayed a little too close, too early. [My knee] just kind of buckled there on the shots. I stayed a little too close and it was dangerous. What are you going to do?”

It was one of the biggest victories for Francis”

“[The finish] was very fast so I didn’t even realize what happened,” Ngannou said. “It was very fast. I felt good and I’m just here to have fun and relax and enjoy my fight.

“I’ve been waiting for this fight since two years ago because I know I needed a challenge of the likes of Cain to prove myself”, said cameroonian after the fight.

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