Nikola Filipovic with a successful debut in the ring of SENSHI

Nikola Filipovic (Serbia) defeated Danylo Voevodkin (Ukraine) with a unanimous decision at SENSHI 10 in Varna last night. The two heavyweights clashed in a KWU Full Contact bout.

The fight was refereed by Sensei Zahari Damyanov.

The Serbian started off the fight stronger and landed a nice right hand. Voevodkin started countering and using his legs more. In the middle of round 2 Filip scored a vicious left hook which landed clean and sent his opponent to the ground. The crowd jumped of their seats when the knockdown happened! The Ukrainian warrior showed a heart of a champion and got up and fought very well for the rest of the round. 

Filipovic slipped in the beginning of round two, but then took the initiative of the fight. Voevodkin recovered from the knockdown and used his hooks to make his opponent respect him a bit more. He used a couple of great combinations that finish with a high kick and you could say that this round was more equal.

The two giants gave their all in the third and final round. Voevodkin was close to landing a vicious left hook that could`ve ended the match, but he barely missed. The gladiator fight did not stop until the last bell when Sensei Zahari Dmyanov separated the fighters.

SENSHI 10 is organised with the cooperation of the KWU International Professional League, Armeec Insurance Group, Max Sport, Bulgaria Air, M-Car Group.

Media partners of the event are Boec.BG and Boec.COM, Bulgarian national TV Bulgaria ON AIR, US online platform for combat sports FITE,,,, Russian Union Of Martial Arts, Kyokushin Кarate News and Fighto.News.

Images: Studio Lesemann

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