Nikola Todorovic: I had to adjust to Eduard’s style

Nikola Todorovic defeated Bulgaria’s Eduard Alexanyan at SENSHI 6 in Kamchia amid the 14th annual KWU International Summer Camp.

Todorovic gave special interview to Boec.COM after the victory:

“I won, but it was really hard. I didn’t expect so hard fight. The organisation and the fans were amazing”, Todorovic said.

“I wanted to show what I can after the loss against Korunchev. Eduard plays with tempo style and my chance was to adjust to his game. I think it was really attractive bout.”

“I feel really good about this event, and i thank the organizers for the chance to participate at SENSHI 6. We didn’t fight since last year, because of the pandemic, and this chance now was unique”, added Todorovic.

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