Nikolay Yorgov vs. Thomas Doeve at SENSHI II

Bulgaria’s Nikolay Yorgov is set to make his second appearance under the SENSHI banner. The fighter from SC “Armeec” made his SENSHI debut in February when he demolished Mitko Ashkilov in the first round.

This time, Yorgov’s opponent is one of the four fighters that the kickboxing legend Peter Aerts is bringing to the gala-evening – Thomas Doeve. The fight will be conducted under the K-1 rules in the 80 kg category. The Dutch recently joined Aerts’s club in the Netherlands and he’ll be looking to make a name for himself in his SENSHI debut.

Nikolay Yorgov is a 2013 World Karate Kyokushin silver medalist, multiple national champion and a silver medalist from the World muay thai championship that was held earlier this year in Thailand.

SENSHI II will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria on April 20 in “Arena Armeec”.

You can buy tickets here.


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