No wrestling in India until December

One of the biggest powerhouses in world wrestling India has declared there will be no wrestling contests and events in the country until December.

While some countries around the world are wondering how and when they can resume competitions, the Wrestling Federation of India announced there will be no wrestling events in 2020. The reason, of course, is the complicated situation with the coronavirus pandemic.

“This year we will not organize any event,” WFI assistant secretary Vinod Tomar said.

This means there will be no U23 and Traditional National Championship which were scheduled for September and December this year respectively. India’s first National Ranking Series which was to be held in Kolkata in April had also got canceled due to the nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19.

WFI has also postponed the national camps indefinitely due to “strict” guidelines issued by the Sports Authority of India (SAI). Tomar said that since there will be no sparring it is best to not hold the training camps for now.


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