Nurlykhan Sadvokassov after losing to Getsov: I want a rematch!

Kazakhstan’s Nurlykhan Sadvokassov lost his debut SENSHI fight from Bulgarian Daniel Getsov.

The fight that was conducted under KWU Full Contact rules in the -75 kg category was the opening bout of SENSHI 6 that took place in Kamchia amid the 14th annual KWU International Summer Camp.

Sadvokassov isn’t happy about the result and now wants a rematch.

“Everything was good, but the luck wasn’t with me today. I want a rematch!”, Sadvokassov told Boec.COM reporter.

“I couldn’t find my game… the next time I’ll be well prepared and will find my tempo”, added Nurlykhan Sadvokassov.

Kickboxing legend and instructor at the KWU International Professional League – Ernesto Hoost, was a special guest referee of the fight.

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