Nurmagomedov makes dreams come true for children around the world

Current UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov showed that he is not only a great fighter, but a great human being also. The dagestan announced in his Instagram account that he will make 10 kids’ wishes come true. After his post, “The Eagle” received over a thousand letters. He selected ten of them and posted them on his Instagram account.

“I didn’t expect so many letters. Thank you to everyone who wrote to me. Now I have to choose the winners”

One of the letters is from a deaf child, which shares his dream to have his own club for handicapped sportsmen. Here is Khabib’s response.

“Brother, in spring I will have my own gym in Moscow. I will personally invite you for the opening of it. In this gym there will be a separete group for handicapped people. It will be absolutely free,  with a good coach, who can teach you. And you can receive your personal gift by the end of the month.”, Khabib replied.

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