Official information of the upcoming European Championships KWU in Germany

The fights will take place on two days – on 18 and 19.05.19 at: Barnim Gymnasium Ahrensfelder Chaussee 41, 13057 Berlin, on three tatami mats, with the help of the 31st accredited KWU judge and more than 30 judges from around the world, who additionally participate in championships.

• Online stream will be aviable

• The European Championships will be attended by officials:
Alexandr Pichkunov – KWU General Secretary
Ramil Gabbasov – the main judge of the European Championship
Andrzej Drewniak – Head of KWF International Organization in Europe
David Pickthall – IFK Representative at KWU

• The weighting and accommodation committee will be held on 17.05.19 in the youth club M3 at the following:
Mehrower Allee 3, 12687 Berlin.
Two minutes walk from S-Bahn Mehrower Allee.
Commission start 08:00. Ending – 19:00.
For teams arriving in Berlin early in the morning, we recommend that you immediately go to the credentials committee.

• The official judicial seminar of the championship will be held on May 17, 19 at 19:00 at the address:
Internationale Lomonossow-Schule
Allee der Kosmonauten 123, 12681 Berlin
Judges staying at the Pro-Social Sport Hotel should be ready for transfer to the seminar at 18:40.

• Tournament plan:

Saturday 18.05.19
09:30 – Judges transfer to the competition hall
10:00 – Arrival at the competition hall, preparation
10:30 – Start of preliminary fights KWU championships – 12-17 years old
13:30 – Lunch break, demonstration performances
14:30 – Parade, the opening ceremony – all fighters participate in it
15:00 – Continuation of preliminary fights until the semi-finalists are determined in all categories of KWU
18:30 – Еnd of the first day

Sunday 19.05.19
10:00 – Judges transfer to the competition hall
11:00 – Start of the semi-final matches on three tatami
14:00 – Lunch break, demonstration performances
14:30 – Start of the final fights
17:00 – Winners awarding ceremony, photo session.

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