Ognyan Mirchev with a second-round stoppage win at SENSHI

In the first K-1 fight at the first edition of SENSHI Ognyan Mirchev defeated the serbian Predrag Mjajlovica with a second round stoppage.

Mirchev proved once again that he is one of the most talanted Bulgarian fighters. He is a World Championship silver medalist, bronze medalist from an European juvenile championship, 2x Balcan championship and has the stunning 9 national titles. This was his third professional fight and he showcased a lot of power for a featherweight and amazing skills for a 18 yrs old.

He knocked down the serb Mjajlovica two times with kicks. The first one hit Predrag in the liver and the second one was a high-kick that landed in the temple of the already rocked serbian fighter.

The referee Galin Dimov had no other option, but to end the fight, as Mjajlovica could barely stand on his feet.

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