Olympic dream on the line in Karate 1-Premier League Salzburg

The third stop of the season of Karate 1-Premier League will be held in Salzburg, Austria, from February 28 to March 01. Karatekas will be gunning for taking the needed points in order to get a chance to stamp their visa for Tokyo.

The first Karate athletes will win the qualification for Tokyo 2020 on April 6, 2020. The top four-ranked karatekas in each one of the Olympic categories will earn the ticket to the Olympic Games. As the anticipated date nears, karatekas travel to Salzburg to make their Olympic dreams come true.


Over 600 competitors from 88 countries are registered to compete at the 2020 Karate 1-Premier League Salzburg. This tally represents a considerable increase with the previous event since 513 competitors from 79 countries took part in the Karate 1-Premier League Dubai.

Salzburg hosted a Karate 1-Premier League event for the last time in 2016. With nearly 600 athletes from 51 participating at the event, Japan topped the medal table of the event with 10 medals and 5 golds.

Source: www.wkf.net

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