One of the nastiest low blows in kickboxing history (VIDEO)

There’s absolutely nothing worse than to get hit in the groin by your opponent in the ring. Low blows are often unintentional, but there are times where one will do it on purpose in order to get an illegal advantage.

In this case, it is up to the third man in the ring to monitor the fight closely and to make a quick decision about disqualifying the fighter who landed the illegal shot or give some extra recovery time to the victim.

Either way, if the victim is unable to continue, the referee should award him the win.

Here’s one of the sickest low blows you’ll ever see in combat sports. The fight took place in 2019 at GLORY 73 when Andrey Gerasimchuk and Bruno Chaves faced each other.

The incident took happened in the very first round and the fight was called off after Herasimchuk couldn’t continiue.

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