Oumar Kane defeats Alain Ngalani at ONE: Unbreakable II

Senegal’s Oumar Kane will surely remember his ONE FC debut.

The 28-year-old claimed his second pro-MMA victory earlier today after he beat Alain Ngalani at ONE: Unbreakable II.

The event took place in Singapore, as Kane and Ngalani kicked off the fight night. The clash between the two heavy hitters was one of the most highly anticipated fights, as everybody knew this one is not going the distance.

Both fighters started off slowly, as they were aware that one mistake and one lazy enter could cost them the fight. The 45-year-old vet threw a few low-kicks in the beginning, but nothing really happened.

Three minutes into the opening round, the referee of the fight urged them to be more active and that was all Oumar needed. The wrestler was on his back foot for the first minutes, but all of a sudden he went into attack mode and took down Ngalani with his first attempt.

His wrestling background secured him the better position on the ground, as Ngalani’s right hand got locked and “Reug Reug” unleashed a garage of heavy blows to the head of “The Panther”.

The Muay Thai specialist couldn’t get into a proper defensive position on the ground and after another big portion of punches to the head, the ref waved off the fight.

Photo: ONE Championship

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