Pace and intensity on focus at the KWU International Professional League Camp

Fast-paced tempo and high intensity marked the second training session of the first day of the ongoing KWU International Professional League camp. The event is taking place in Varna, Bulgaria, at the “Vladislav” hall. As usual, the instructors separated the fighters into smaller groups in order to get to them easier.

The newcomer Alber Kraus once again gathered the lightweight competitors. “Hurricane” started off with a proper warm-up in order to get the sweat going. Kraus demonstrated some great counter-attacking skills and drills, as he was emphasizing on the importance of making a faster transition from defence to offence.

Semmy Schilt once again gathered the group with the coaches, as he was demonstrating a lot of techniques on how to get the attention of the little ones and the beginners. “Hightower” demonstrated a lot of agility and balance drills that can be useful to the ones who are just starting with martial arts.

Ernesto Hoost was showcasing his astonishing arsenal of combinations to his group. “Mr. Perfect” demonstrated the importance of being able to fight inside and outside, as he included a lot of drills using only one hand or leg. The Dutch legend didn’t forget about the defence and emphasized the importance of the proper guard stance.

Last, but definitely not least, Peter Aerts was huge on the combinations with the low kick. “The Dutch Lumberjack” was demonstrating moves and drills to the fighters around him, with his son Marciano assisting him. The class finished with some good ol’ sparring and shadow boxing.

The training seminar in Varna will continue until the 5th of December and will be part of the unique “3-in-1” event, where martial arts fans will be able to enjoy the Kyokushin European Championship for men and women, as well as the long-awaited combat show SENSHI 10.

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