Patricio Freire on UFC super-fights: I’m better than them

The newly crowned Bellator “champ-champ” Patricio Freire (29-4) is not only walking the walk, but he is talking the talk too. This past weekend the Brazilian won his second Bellator belt, knocking out Michael Chandler in the first round in their lightweight championship encounter.

“There was no outcome better than that one. It was a strike that I saw in my mind and I knew that would work. Winning my second belt wasn’t even in my goals. I didn’t think about it. My complete focus was on Michael Chandler. The belt was just a consequence.”

Many people believe the stoppage came too early, but the 31-years-old featherweight king isn’t buying it.

“Everyone who knows anything about fighting knows he was knocked down and stop reacting for a few seconds when he was on the ground. When that happens, the rules are clear, the fight must be stopped. He showed no reactions for a second or two and was completely unconscious. When he started to move again, the ref had already waved off the fight. Regardless of what happens, though, we can have a rematch, no problem. I’ll beat him 11 times out of 10.”

The two-division champ spoke his mind on a potential UFC move, stating that he feels ok under the Bellator banner. He even proposed a one-time duel with some of the best UFC has to offer.

“I’m very comfortable in Bellator. It would be interesting to have superfight between a Bellator champion and an UFC champion. I wouldn’t have to necessarily migrate to the UFC. We could just have one duel. When it comes to the best fighters in the UFC, I think I’m better than all of them.”


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