Paul Felder: Conor McGregor out of UFC lightweight

Paul Felder really hopes that Conor McGregor stays at welterweight so he stops being active in the UFC lightweight division.

“That’s what I’m hoping, because he wants to fight at 170 and he’s hunting that Jorge Masvidal fight, then let him do that”, Felder told MMA Junkie. “Take him lower down the rankings so that guys like me and Dan Hooker, who are putting in work at 155 pounds, guys like Justin Gaethje, get him out of our way and let us fight for the belt in those big fights.”

“If he’s still in the rankings in the top three, top five, guys are going to want to fight him, guys are going to want to call out. They’re going to wait to try to fight him and it just mixes things up. It muddies stuff up for us.”

Felder will headline UFC Auckland when he takes on Dan Hooker on February 22.

“I’m surprised that an active guy like Justin wants to wait but he’s put in the work,” Felder said. “Let him do his thing. I don’t see that happening. I don’t see him just being able to sit around and wait for a title shot. Poirier is still looking for a fight. Depending on how things go on Feb. 23 it could be a quick turnaround and maybe a No. 1 contender spot could open up. I would love to fight Dustin. I have nothing but respect for that guy. But as you’ve seen I can have nothing but respect for a guy and it won’t stop me from getting in your grill and letting you know that I’m here to smash your face.”

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