Petar Stoykov dominates at SENSHI 6

Bulgaria’s Petar Stoykov was way too powerful for Britain’s Andrew Turland and defeated him via UD in their SENSHI 6 matchup.

The fight night took place yesterday (August 21) in Kamchia amid the 14th annual KWU International Summer Camp.

The fight was conducted under the KWU SENSHI rules in the -70 kg category with Shihan Asen Asenov being the referee.

Turland wasted no time and marched forward immediately, but Stoykov’s inside game made Turland realize he’s in for a long night. The Bulgarian showcased once again his arsenal of weapons. Petar’s elbows also got in the game and he landed several good hits, as his corner advised him to step away from Stoykov who was tearing him apart. At the end of the opening round Stoykov opened a nasty cut on Turland’s face, but the bell saved him.

In the second part, Stoykov was doing all kinds of attacks – spinning kicks, spinning elbows and etc. Turland’s attacks were absent, as he was defending himself through the majority of the time.

The third round started with the Brit getting knocked down. He tried one last time to attack, but Stoykov was quicker and was making him pay with his counter kicks to the body.

Stoykov’s SENSHI record improve to 7-0, making him the fighter with most wins under the SENSHI banner.

Additional info, photos and videos from the fight night you can find at SENSHI`s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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