Petar Stoykov to Dragan Pesic: You won’t last three rounds with me

One of the best young Bulgarian fighters – Petar Stoykov, will be making his third SENSHI appearance on the scheduled SENSHI 4 fight card.

Stoykov is set to face a two-time international kickboxing champion from Serbia – Dragan Pesic. The pair will square off in -70 kg category fight conducted under the KWU Professional League rules.

Stoykov, 2018 European and 2019 World muay thai champion made a statement prior to the fight that his next adversary won’t be able to keep up with the Bulgarian for the whole three rounds:

“We’re in for an exciting fight, no doubt. I know my adversary is a top guy and he’ll be coming here to do his best. He’s a tough opponent and he knows how to throw people around. But I have a strategy that should keep him away from me.

But just like any fighter, he has his weaknesses. It’s up to me to find them”, the 23-year-old Bulgarian said.

“If he was in front of me today, I would tell him there is no way he can last a full three rounds with me”, Stoykov added.

Stoykov is a SENSHI vet. His last appearance was this summer at SENSHI Cup when he claimed the trophy in the -70 kg category, defeating Suhrob Nazarov, Pavel Cherepanov, and Suliman Kosumov.


“Without a doubt, SENSHI Cup was the hardest challenge in my career so far. All the fights were conducted under the SENSHI rules and I had to go through three fights in two days. But in the end, it was all worth it”, Stoykov finished.

SENSHI 4 is scheduled to take place on Ocotber26 at Varna’s Palace of Culture and Sports.

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