Peter Aerts happy with the Saturday sparring

Тhe K-1 Legend Peter Aerts congratulated the Bulgarian fighters. The 3x K-1 World Heavyweight Champ was impressed by the second sparring session, which was held at Saturday night during the KWU International Professional league camp. The Dutch Lumberjack is the head-instructor of the 3-day camp in “Armeec Arena” in Sofia.

In the morning Aerts emphasized more on the technique of the fighters. The focus was shifted on working in the clinch in the evening. The Dutch Legend was urging the participants to switch partners frequently.

“You might be friends, but when we play, try to take your partner down. The clinch is really important. Some fighters are constantly aiming for this and you have to be ready to fight back. Keep looking for the inside grip” were some of Aerts` valuable advices.


“The sparring was good. They`re getting better and more explosive. I am really happy with their performance and with the distance and combinations”, said Aerts after the end of the session. In the last three years Aerts is preparing fighters from many countries in the camps that are organized by Shihan Ivo Kamenov – the Chairman of KWU International Professional League and chairman of the National Association of Combat Sports in Bulgaria.

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