Peter Aerts’s star squares off against a Ukrainian Kyokushin champion at SENSHI 4

Japan’s three-time karate champion – Yuta Uchida, will be making his second appearance under the SENSHI banner this upcoming October.

The 28-year-old Uchida, who’s a member of Peter Aerts’s team, will face one of the most elite Kyokushin fighters from Ukraine – Andrii Kasianchuk. The two will meet at SENSHI 4 on October 26 in Varna’s Palace of Culture and Sport.

The pair will clash in a -95 kg category fight conducted under the rules of KWU’s Professional League.

The 32-year-old Kasianchuk will also be making his second SENSHI appearance is a two-time kyokushin champion. Back in 2007 he had claimed gold at the Ukrainian Kyokushin Championships and two years later he had won the Belarussian championships. Andrii is a 2010 European Kyokushin championships’s silver medalist. This past summer, he made his debut under the SENSHI flag, claiming silver at the Senshi Cup.

His Japanese adversary has more experience on the professional ring. Uchida is fighting of “Team Peter Aerts”. The kickboxing living legend will touch down in Sofia with 4 of his best fighters that will fight for a second time at a SENSHI fight night. Uchida’s first encounter with SENSHI was back in April when he lost to Bulgaria’s Kostadin Kostov.

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