Physical and mental benefits of Aikido

Aikido for spiritual health

Those who practice aikido sooner or later understand that all movements in it are based on natural principles aiding the harmony between body and spirit. Stress vanishes during the practice of aikido. It is character building and creates a positive perception of the world. Aikido teaches us how to project the power of ki onto the body and spirit.

“The character becomes flexible but inwardly, it is as hard as a diamond.”

Aikido for physical health

Aikido is a balanced method of training, which makes it beneficial for our health. We fail to use our body in the best possible way in everyday life and that has a direct impact on our health. The whole body is in motion with aikido, and we stretch our muscles and ligaments in the most natural way. It makes us flexible and supple.

Aikido practice is beneficially stimulating for the nervous system and it leads to e better blood circulation. Breathing exercises ensure higher level of oxygen for the body which through the blood circulation reaches the cells.

Aikido as education for life

It is not uncommon for parents and children to train together. Aikido practice has great worth and enriches everyone regardless of their age. No matter how old, anyone can find use in character building and in the better connection between body and spirit.

Children who practice aikido are calmer and more focused. Adults benefit most from their newfound harmony between body and spirit, and from spiritual evolution.

Aikido responds to everyone’s physical needs and helps the body and the spirit to complement each other.

Bulgarian Aikido Federation

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