Portugese Judo President re-elected for 2024

Jorge Fernandes has successfully led his federation through the current Olympic cycle and has been re-elected in his position.

During the Senior National Championships, the Portuguese voters turned up to show their confidence in Fernandes. Though he was the only candidate, it was a show of commitment and belief with 96.4% of the voters coming through.

The swearing-in ceremony was attended by the Presidents of the Olympic and Paralympic Committee of Portugal, who praised the work by the Portuguese Judo team and bestowed well wishes for the future.

Approaching the next cycle, a clear aim in mind for Fernandes is to host,

a memorable European Championship in 2021, as well as the European EJU Coaching and Referee Seminar in 2022, materialize and make the Portuguese House of Judo real and provide all the conditions for Portuguese athletes to reach the Olympic podium for the upcoming Olympiadas (Tokyo 2021 and Paris 2024.

Source: www.eju.net

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