Portuguese judoka continues breaking records

The Cuban-born Portuguese female judoka Yahima Ramirez is still going strong after 25 years on the mat. Ramirez starts competing in the women’s division in the early ’90s, as she claims a golden medal at the 1994 Pan American Championships.

She participates in the 2012 Olympic games, as she has earned one Grand Prix and one Grand Slam medal so far. The 40-year-old has participated in 8 World Championships, 32 Grand Slam events, and almost 50 Grand Prix tournaments.

She took part in 20 competitions in 2019 and won a bronze medal at the Malaga European Cup in the 78 kg division.

The uchi-mata specialist was the most active judoka on the IJF circuit in 2019 which shows her competitiveness and how well she has managed her health and condition over a quarter of a century in one of the world’s most demanding sports.

While results and medals have been hard to come by, Ramirez will be aiming to do herself justice and to give a good account of herself in 2020 against the world’s elite in what is almost certainly her final year on the international stage.

Source: www.judoinside.com

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