Povetkin – Whyte 2 could land in Gibraltar

The highly anticipated heavyweight rematch between Russia’s Alexander Povetkin and Britain’s Dillian Whyte could be staged outside of the UK, according to Eddie Hearn.

The pair is set to meet again on March 6, but the venue of the fight is yet to be announced.

Povetkin knocked out Whyte in their first meeting at Fight Camp in the garden of Matchroom’s Essex headquarters last August in front of no paying spectators.

The fight could land outside of Great Britain because there will be a bigger revenue for the fighters if fans are allowed. The COVID-19 pandemic caused another lockdown in Britain and nobody knows when will the restrictions for sporting events be lifted.

“We’re looking to stage all of those fights in one location, with perhaps only the Dillian Whyte fight going international,” Hearn said. “At the moment that’s an option but we haven’t made any decisions yet.

“We’ve spoken to some quite interesting ones, a couple in the Middle East and we’ve also spoken to Gibraltar and also to Monaco.

“The feeling from Dillian is he would like crowds for that fight. It’s a big fight for him and he would prefer that fight in front of some kind of crowds but even in the territories, I mentioned there’s no guarantee that would be the case either. There could be crowds in Gibraltar.”

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