Pulev in BoxRec Top 10 again – Chisora wants to fight him

Kubrat Pulev is back in BoxRec Top 10 heavyweight rankings after his win over Jerry Forrest in US. He reveals that Dereck Chisora wants to fight him.

Pulev spoke to media after his arrival back in Bulgaria. He talked about possible title shot in the near future.
“I am in the Top 10 heavyweights again and wouldn’t be surprised if the next bout is for some of the belts. Interim or regular, we’ll see. Dereck Chisora wants to fight me in London, but i have already beat him. How many times i have to do it?”

Pulev and Chisora fought each other in Hamburg, Germany back in 2016. Pulev won with split decision and took the European heavyweight title.

The bulgarian also talked about future return in the ring.
“They want me to fight in July, but I am not sure about that. I will fight again in 2022 for sure, but not so soon.”

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