Holly Holm ‘pretty upset’ with loss to Ketlen Vieira: ‘I truly felt in my heart that I won the fight’

Holly Holm left UFC Vegas 55 with a loss on her record despite feeling she absolutely deserved a win over Ketlen Vieira.

The judges disagreed with the former bantamweight champ. Mike Bell and Derek Cleary both scored the fight 48-47 for Vieira, while Sal D’Amato had it 48-47 for Holm. Bell and Cleary determined the outcome with Viera getting the nod by split decision.
Following the fight, Holm vented her frustration about what she perceived as flippant scoring, which in turn cost her the win.

“It’s just frustrating, because I think a lot of times these judges haven’t been through a training camp and see what you put on the line, and then when it comes short, just because they decide, ‘Well maybe I’ll throw this round here or this round there,’” Holm said on the UFC Vegas 55 post-fight show. “I don’t agree with them. I’m pretty upset with them.

“I know it’s a hard position to be in, to be the judge, you have to make that decision right there, but I felt like I won.”

In Holm’s mind, she won four rounds to Vieira’s one. She believes the Brazilian won Round 2 after nearly locking up a rear-naked choke while they were scrambling for position coming out of a takedown attempt.

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