Purple and Black belts mix at 2019 Spyder BJJ Invitational

Full results from the 2019 Spyder BJJ Invitational Championship Qualifier!


Matheus Lutes beats Daniel Sathler by submission (kimura)

Augusto Mendes beats Lucas Rocha by points 6-0

Levi Jones-Leary beats Mathias Luna by advantage 3-1

Osvaldo Moizinho beats Sanghyeon Lee by submission (armbar)


Matheus Lutes beats Augusto Mendes by decision

Osvaldo Moizinho beats Levi Jones-Leary by ref decision

Final: Matheus Lutes beats Osvaldo Moizinho by points 2-2 3-0 adv

3rd place: Levi Jones-Leary beats Augusto Mendes by points 6-0


Anderson Munis beats Roberto Jimenez by DQ

Claudio Calasans beats Marcos Tinoco by points 6-0

Tim Spriggs beats Rudson Mateus by points 2-0

Matheus Diniz beats Hyungcheul Kim by points 13-0


Claudio Calasans beats Anderson Munis by ref decision

Tim Spriggs beats Matheus Diniz by points 3-0

Final: Tim Spriggs beats Claudio Calasans 4-2

3rd place: Anderson Munis beats Mateus Diniz by points 2-2, 1-0 adv

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