Regis Prograis withdraws from WBSS final vs. Josh Taylor

One of the most interesting fights that was expected from a lot of boxing fans is now off.

WBA super lightweight champion Regis Prograis (24-0) has withdrawn from his WBSS super lightweight final against IBF king Josh Taylor (15-0). The reason, of course, is money.

The undefeated American and his promoter Lou DiBella have expressed their concerns with the organization of WBSS for some time now and now they’ll be taking legal action against Comosa AG, who are backing the tournament. This is not the first or the second time a fighter is having troubles with the Sauerland brothers who are managing the competition. A lot of boxers before Prograis have made claims that the scheduling of the fights is atrocious and payments are being delayed.

Lou DiBella and Prograis are claiming the payment into escrow of a proportion of his purse for the final was late and that the long-rumored date for the Taylor fight of October 5 in the UK was never approved by the tournament’s broadcast network DAZN.

There is still nothing official from the WBBS or Comosa AG.

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