Results: Asian online sambo cup

The first ever Asian online sambo cup was held on July 4-5. The competition was attended by 23 athletes who fought among themselves for a cash prize.

Sabba Rani Maharjan (Nepal ) and Kyohei Hagiwara (Japan) reached the final. In the decisive battle, the Japan athlete became the winner of the tournament.


Kyohei HAGIWARA (JPN)winner of the Online SAMBO Cup (Asia):

“Before the tournament start, I did not believe that I could win, so now I do experience very strong emotions. In preparation for the competition, I carefully watched the fights in Europe and Asia, tried to remember the figures and names of the techniques, choose the right strategy, I think this was the most useful thing for me to do.”

“I really enjoyed the new online SAMBO format, it is really fascinating and exciting. With the Super Cup ahead, there comes a new goal! “

Sabba Rani MAHARJAN (NEP), finalist of the Online SAMBO Cup (Asia):

“I lost in the finals, because I decided to skip my move and not take risks, although I was guessing right what particular technique was concealed behind the cards. This was my mistake. Nonetheless, the participation in the finals is also a valuable experience, also a success, as it gives the right to compete in the Super Cup.”

“I really liked this competition format, as it not only brings new bright emotions but also lets sambists worldwide unite and support each other, which is very important during the global outbreak of the coronavirus. Another valuable benefit of this online format is the chance for its participants to keep their physical and mental fitness.”

“The Super Cup will take place in two weeks, and I am really willing to win. In the future, I’d like to become one of the top sambists in the world. Well, and after retiring from sport, I want to stay with FIAS, for example, as a referee.”


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