Rico Verhoeven TKO revenge over Jamal Ben Saddik (VIDEO)

GLORY heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven is widely considered the best kickboxer in the world right now and rightfully so.

The Dutch technique is second to none, plus he has an iron chin. But there were times where Rico was still an unknown name and he was trying to get to the top. Now the champion is scheduled to face an old foe – Jam Ben Saddik. The two are very familiar with each other, as the next bout between them will be the third one.

Jamal won the initial clash back in 2011, but six years ago Verhoeven got his revenge when he was defending the GLORY heavyweight championship belts.

GLORY 49 main event was reserved for those two, as there were few people who believed the fight will go the distance. Ben Saddik was in control during the first three minutes. He had Verhoeven on the back foot and threw bombs.

By the fifth round the picture changed, and it was the champion putting on domination. After landing a left kick to the head he followed it up with the barrage of strikes, dropping his opponent to the canvas. The latter beat the eight count and the fight resumed, but only for a few seconds. Verhoeven jumped on him and delivered another flurry of punches, and it was all over.

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