Rolando Romero says Gervonta Davis should stay at 58.9 kg divison

During an interview with Fight Hype, Rolando Romero gives his take on recent reports that Gervonta Davis could move up to face Mario Barrios. Surprised by the news that Davis could be moving up that high, Romero shares these thoughts…

Romero on recent reports Gervonta could move up to 140 to face Mario Barrios

“I think Barrios might be a little too big. Mario is big. He doesn’t have big legs but he’s big and Barrios can crack…Barrios too tall.

“The thing is, like I said, that height. He’s a big boy. That height is a lot, you know. And Tank is like, what, 5’3”, 5’2”? He’s really short, you know.”

On Tank being officially listed at 5’5”

“Ok, probably with high heels on.”

On if he thinks it’s possible he could land a fight with Tank, which he’s been asking for

“I mean, it can happen. Will it happen? Probably not. I don’t feel like it’s gonna happen. Tank can’t go in there with another puncher, especially a big puncher at ‘35. We don’t know, he’s not really a ‘35-pounder. Tank needs to stay at ‘30, keep bullying them little dudes, the little 126-pounders, and like I said, he’s gonna be a mega star at ‘30. But at ‘35? Who’d he fought? A way past his prime Gamboa?

“But like I said, Tank need to stay over there at 130 because at ‘35, he’s fighting another strong ‘35-pounder — he fights a ‘35-pounder with some pop, it’s not gonna go good for him. And at 140 it definitely ain’t gonna go good for him.”

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