Roy Nelson accuses ‘Cro Cop’ and his ‘doctors’, the Croatin hits back (VIDEO)

As usual, the media day before Bellator’s fight nights is the perfect place and the perfect time to tell the world what’s on your mind before you step into the ring.

This time it was Roy Nelson who spoke his mind and said what most of MMA fans already doubted – Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic great condition at the age of 44.

Even though the Croatian has always been in great shape for his fights, in the last couple of months ‘Cro Cop’ is turning a lot of heads with his amazing physique.

Roy spoke about the first time he fought Mirko, his preparation for this fight and the special powers Filipovic’s doctors have.

Minutes after that, it was ‘Cro Cop’ turn to face the media and when he was asked about the accusation Roy made, the European had this to say:

The two will meet in a rematch this Saturday night in the main event of Bellator 216.

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