Russian domination at the KWU European championship in Varna

The 3rd KWU European championship among men and women in weight categories was held on 5 December 2021 in Varna, Bulgaria.

Fighters from 19 different countries fought hard at the tournament, under the KWU federation’s and the Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin Federation’s guidance.

Russia finished first with 9 gold medals from 13 categories, dominating the finals, where Bulgaria had 5 representatives.

European champions has also the nations of Poland (x2), Sweden and Great Britain.

Before the European championship started, everyone honored the memoy of Bulgaria`s kyokushin pioneer Shihan Konstantin Bozhilov, who recently passed away.

Here are the results:

MEN -65kg
1. Stanislav Nikulin (Russia)
2. Dilyan Nikolov (Bulgaria)
3. Artur Arushanyan (Armenia)
3. Ivan Grinchuk (Russia)

MEN -70kg
1. Artur Krymov (Russia)
2. Daniel Cardoso Redondo (Spain)
3. Andrey Andreev (Bulgaria)
3. Yurii Rusin (Ukraine)

MEN -75kg
1. Danil Zeziulia (Russia)
2. Milan Moczo (Hungary)
3. Dzianis Dydaliou (Belarus)
3. Cosmin Andrei Furnica (Romania)

MEN -80kg
1. Szymon Olpinski (Poland)
2. Bogdan Gabriel Curiman (Romania)
3. Kristean Dobrev (Bulgaria)
3. Artem Nazaretian (Russia)

MEN -85kg
1. Jonas Rosin (Sweden)
2. Aleksandr Sorokopudov (Russia)
3. Emanuel Lebo (Austria)
3. Marek Odzeniak (Poland)

MEN -90kg
1. Dmitrii Solovev (Russia)
2. Kristiyan Doychev (Bulgaria)
3. Ion Britchi (Moldova)
3. Vojtech Krejzar (Czech Republic)

MEN 90+kg
1. Iurii Stroganov (Russia)
2. Vasil Dimitrov (Bulgaria)
3. Ruslan Samedov (Russia)
3. Kevin Cid Alonso (Spain)

WOMEN -50 kg
1. Hayley Beth Rowlands (Great Britain)
2. Dzhunaj Alieva (Russia)
3. Viktoriya Naskova (Bulgaria)
3. Magdalena Hajduk (Poland)

WOMEN -55 kg
1. Liubov Bakina (Russia)
2. Iya Kostova (Bulgaria)
3. Aliaksandra Kantsavenka (Belarus)
3. Anna Izdebska (Ukraine)

WOMEN -60 kg
1. Ekaterina Shemina (Russia)
2. Iria Fernandez de Arroyabe (Spain)
3. Maryna Samoilenka (Belarus)
3. Marta Lubos (Poland)

WOMEN -65 kg
1. Polina Popova (Russia)
2. Nicole Harizanova (Bulgaria)
3. Ekaterina Yushkevich (Belarus)
3. Agnes Westrin (Sweden)

WOMEN -70kg
1. Monika Zielinska (Poland)
2. Amber Lindblom (Sweden)
3. Irina Valieva (Russia)
3. Anastasiia Litvinenko (Ukraine)

WOMEN 70+kg
1. Valeriia Kolesnikova (Russia)
2. Agata Winiarska (Poland)
3. Andrea Schmidt (Germany)
3. Mette-Marie Nielsen (Sweden)

“Due to the difficult COVID-19 situation all over the world many competitiors couldn`t come. I hope this competition goes smoothly, so we can enjoy many great fights. Those, who have the will to win, will win! I wish good luck to everyone and stay healthy”, said the General Secretary of KWU Shihan Aleksandr Pichkunov.

“I want to thank the Bulgarian federation for the hard work they put in in these strange times. I`d also like to thank Ramil Gabassov and Aleksandr Pichkunov for their awesome work. We have to say that there are a lot of athletes from so many different countries”, said Shihan David Pickthall, who is the president of IFK and part of the board of directors of KWU.

” “, said Shihan Antonio Pinero, who is the president of the KWF and part of the board of directors of KWU.

Special greetings sent the Minister of youth and sport of Bulgaria Andrei Kuzmanov:

“To the organizers of the European Karate Kyokushin Championship Varna 2021 Men and Women

Dear organizers,
Dear Guests,
Dear Competitors,
Dear trainers,
Ladies and gentlemen,

It is a pleasure for me to welcome you in Bulgaria at this European championship.

This is the highest honour for Bulgaria to host a renowned event like this one with the most distinguished competitors on the continent.

I believe this will contribute the further development of Karate Kyokushin in Bulgaria and will motive even more our young athletes to demonstrate their commitment and win amazing victories.

Let me congratulate the Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin Federation for their efforts in promoting this sport, and all the partners who contributed for the organization of the Championship.

I wish all the best to all athletes and trainers good health, many wins and good luck.

Andrey Kuzmanov, Minister of Youth and Sport
Republic of Bulgaria”.

The Kyokushin European Championship for men and women was part of the unique “3-in-1” event, where martial arts fans were able to enjoy the training seminar of the KWU International Professional League with seven world-class instructors , as well as the long-awaited fight show SENSHI 10.

Photos: Studio “Lesemann”

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