Russian Muay Thai star trains with Bulgarians at Kamchia

The Russian Muay Thai star Artem Pashporin arrived in Bulgaria and joned the 14th International Summer Camp “Varna 2020”. This year one of the biggest events in the world of karate kyokushin has focused on perfecting the professional fighters and the seminars of KWU International Professional League.

For those purposes the organizes from Bulgarian karate kyokushin federation and the KWU have joined forces in a special Muay Thai session. The session was led by two very successful representatives of this sport – sempai Nikolay Atanasow and Artem Pashporin.

The 27-years old Pashporin has a lot of impressive successes which started in 2018 when he became a Wolrd Champ at (WMC) and a World Champ at S-1, Intercontinental champion of WKU, winner in “Battle of Champions”. He also has titles from GPRO 2016, w5 and Russian Muay Thai Cup. His statistics are 28 wins and 13 losses and in his career he has faced Superbon Banchamek, Alexande Cosmo, Giorgio Petrosyan and Bukaw Banchamek.

Nikolay Atanasov is a multiple time medalist and a long time national representative. In the years he was coaching the national team of Bulgaria the country won many World and European titles. Atanasov is also the coach of one of the best Bulgarian kickboxers today – Atanas Bozhilov.

В заниманието се включи и още едно бележито име – Владимир Вълев-Питбула. Титулуваният бивш боец, който сега е част от треньорския щаб на националите по кикбокс и муай тай, продължава да поддържа отлична форма, въпреки че вече не се състезава професионално.

Vladimir Valev, The Pitbull, also joined the sessions. The ex-fighter who is now a coach in the national team, still looks in great shape, despite the fact that he is not competing professionally anymore.

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