Russian professional fight show will be broadcast live

Good news for martial arts lovers. The coronavirus pandemic freezed almost the whole planet, but combat organisation will broadcast professional fight show live.

World Total Kombat Federation (WTKF) will held gala evening on April 5 in Russia, and although details are not reported anywhere, the event will most likely be without spectators. The battles will take place at the Las Vegas Hall.

You can watch the battles HERE

They will be the rules of combat sambo and melee combat. The ring will allow the battle to be seen from all angles constantly. The format of the bouts is 3 rounds of 3 minutes each, and according to the rules, all techniques of kicking and kicking are allowed.

The fight card included two battles for the title – Vezhenko against Mirzamagomedov in the heavyweight category, and Magomedov against Satarkulov in the middleweight category.

The World Total Kombat Federation (WTKF) was established in Switzerland in the fall of 2018, but is being held in Russia. It is led by legendary manager and promoter Vladimir Kharitonov. The event will be broadcast live on YouTube for the first time.

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