Russian sambo coach on the importance of a combat sambo league

Russian combat sambo head coach Alexander Konakov believes the creation of a combat sambo league is critical to the development and the popularisation of the discipline.

A declaration was signed in March for the development of a professional combat sambo league, with the statement claiming the discipline generates the greatest interest and excitement among the spectators.

“This year is the presentation for the League, the year of its formation,” Konakov said.

“As you remember, the first tournament we held on February 22, on the eve of Defender of the Fatherland Day, which is very symbolic in my opinion. A special status was given to this event by the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin at the event.

“Our main task for this year is to create a professional line of combat sambo.

“This is primarily a development strategy and the popularisation of combat sambo, as a professional direction for all athletes, coaches, and those specialists who work in the field of our sport.

“At the end of the year, in the month of December, it is planned to hold the first presentation international professional combat sambo tournament.

“As for the format of the event, a preliminary meeting of the Russian team with the world team is planned, where highly qualified, experienced athletes will take part.”


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