Ryan Garcia predicts second round knockout of Gervonta Davis

Coronavirus has a lot of people isolated at home, getting antsy. One of those people is apparently Ryan Garcia, who just recently took to social media to give his official, in depth breakdown on what we can expect to happen once he faces off against Gervonta Davis. Check out how he thinks the fight will play out below.

“I come up, I step up to him right — Gervonta, he likes to start off fast,” Garcia says as he shadowboxes in front of the camera. “He’s gonna try to come up on me and I’ma just use my distance on ‘em, tap him a lil’ bit, make him feel ‘damn, Ryan,’…Gervonta feelin’ me a lil bit. Now he wants to get a lil’ crazy (with a flurry). ‘Aight, stop playing with me. Stop playing with me lil’ boy’” Garcia says as he faunts Davis.

“We go back to the corner, he gets one round in. That’s all I’m gonna give him — one round! He feels the power in one round, he’s like ‘damn, I don’t know what to do right now but I have to come out, I can’t look like a bitch.’ So the second round comes in, I get up off the stool. Now I get extra comfy on him…I feint the right, I shoot the hook, come back with an uppercut, then I’m done, then I relax because ‘cause that’s not the right time.

“Then he does his famous — he tries to bend down, right, ‘cause he’s gonna try to change the angle on me. He’s gonna bend down — mark my words right here, second round it’s over! Second round, he’s gone! — he goes for the upper, like he always does, bang (with a counter and falls over).


And I’m generous for giving him two (rounds),” Garcia added. “I’m very generous because that might happen in the first…Second round KO, gone, Gervonta Davis is slept. He’s sleep, he’s not getting up. Again, I pray for him as well. I want him to be okay.

Source: badlefthook.com

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