Saenchai seminar storms the Internet (VIDEO)

Last year,YOKKAO seminar team embarked on a tour across the United States covering 20 cities over the course of 22 days and more than 8000 miles.

The epic road trip on a rented RV kicked off from the East Coast in New York and concluded  in Seattle in the Pacific Northwest. Led by the living legend, Saenchai, the tour was sold-out at almost every stop. Participants got to learn many of Saenchai’s signature moves first-hand and some also got the chance to spar with the legend as well as our fighters Yodchai and Spencer.

YOKKAO media team tagged along to document the seminars and the videos were uploaded on their YouTube channel. One of the videos in particular, has received over 400 thousand views since it was uploaded. The video shows clips of the seminar as well as rare behind-the-scenes footage of the team on the road.

A follow-up USA seminar tour this year is now in the works with Saenchai leading the tour yet again. More information will be announced in a follow-up article. Gyms in the USA who are interested in hosting a seminar with YOKKAO can indicate their interest via email at

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