Saenchai vs. Shan for the first ever YOKKAO Diamond title

Saenchai vs. Shan Cangelosi is going to be the first-ever YOKKAO Diamond Championship title bout, confirm organizer. The fight is taking place this week on YOKKAO 46 in Turin, Italy.

The living legend will face home favorite in the main event of the night.

Over the course of a 32-year fighting career, Saenchai has captured 16 championship titles across five different weight divisions. He is also a two-time fighter of the year recipient and holds an impressive record of nearly 300 wins in 344 fights.

This is going to be the second meeting between the two in Turin with Saenchai winning via decision in their 2017 clash.

Saenchai and Cangelosi will be joined by top fighters from Italy as well as notable YOKKAO Fight Team members including Singdam, Manachai, Yochai, and Faipha.

They will compete for YOKKAO Diamond championship belt. It is a recognition of the highest honor for true champions of Muay Thai.

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