Saenchai’s Cartwheel kick tutorial (VIDEO)

In the world of sports, there are moves that are synonyms with someone’s name due to the fact he either invented the move or he mastered it.

When it comes to the world of muay thai, everybody knows who we talking about when we say “Cartwheel Kick” and everybody knows what moves we’re talking about when we mention the name of Saenchai.

The cartwheel kick is by far one of the most “high risk-high reward” moves in combat sports. A misjudging of 1 or 2 centimeters and you can fall pretty bad or even worse – your adversary can counter you right away.

That is probably the main reason the kick is used by a few fighters – it requires a lot of time and the proper amount of defense skills in case something goes wrong.

Here is a tutorial on the kick and on the advantages you can gain when you use it.

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